Best Schools in Carroll County


One of the scary things about moving your family to a new area is the idea of sending your kids to a new school. Will they be able to adjust? Will they make friends? How are the sports programs? And most importantly, will they get a good education? For those of you moving to Sykesville and Eldersburg – there’s no need to worry. This area is home to some of the best schools nationwide. Here’s why we love these top schools in Sykesville and Eldersburg.


Century High School
355 Ronsdale Road
Sykesville, Maryland



Century High School is a secondary school located in Eldersburg, Maryland in the Carroll County School District. This 205K square foot school was built on 65 acres of land in 2000. Not only does Century High School have an extensive Carroll County campus and excellent academics, it has an abundance of extracurricular activities for the well-rounded student. The kids can participate in anything from the Gender Equality Club to the Japanese Club. There’s something for everyone at Century High School. Being one of the best schools in Carroll County means there are plenty of options for athletics as well. Sign your daughter up for lacrosse, or perhaps take your son to join the rugby team. Whatever sports your kids like to play – Century High School is winning at the sports game. Go Jaguars! 


Liberty High School
5855 Bartholow Road
Sykesville, Maryland


Liberty High School, home of the Lions, not only has an excellent reputation for academics and Advanced Placement courses, but also some pretty interesting activities for the kids attending this Sykesville school. Here at Liberty High School it isn’t even just about having access to the traditional sports programs, it’s about expanding your horizons. Maybe instead of joining the wrestling team, your kid would like to challenge his mind as part of the robotics team. Perhaps they would like to play ultimate Frisbee or join the snowboarding club. Not only will your kids have great access to a high quality and experienced faculty, this is a place where they are taught to be individuals and expand their thinking outside of the ordinary or the traditional.


South Carroll High School
1300 West Old Liberty Road
Sykesville, Maryland

At South Carroll High School it’s clear that the teachers and principal really care about their students. This Sykesville school has a reputation for really making people feel at home which is key when you’re relocating to a new area. While there are a lot of options for sports at South Carroll, the school also places high importance on music and the arts with its new facilities to support those programs. There’s also a career and tech center where students can participate in programs that will help them learn more about entering the workforce before they even head to college. All the employees at South Carroll value the students and the good they are trying to do in the community. So if you want to feel at home in more than just your new house, send your kids to South Carroll for a warm Maryland welcome.

When buying a new home or relocating to a different area it’s so important that the entire family feels excited and safe in their new environment. Because Carroll County has an excellent school system it will be easy to make a smart choice about where to send the whole family for their education. The most important thing is to find the right fit for you and your kids so that everyone is well educated and having a blast in their new home in Mid-Maryland.