When you’re searching for your dream home, it’s hard to know who the best person is to handle the entire process for you. Not only is it very personal to you and your needs, hiring the wrong real estate agent could mean losing that house you have your heart set on or paying more than you should have. While there are hundreds of qualified real estate agents in your area, there are a few signs to watch out for that will assure you that you’ve hired the perfect one. 

They understand what you DON’T want or need. Real estate agents are often asking what you DO want, but do they know what you DON’T want? Perhaps you don’t have the money to replace a roof in the next five years. Maybe you have a fear of heights and don’t want to be in a high-rise condominium. Whatever it may be, these details (sometimes private or embarrassing) often come out once you are walking through a house that has one of these deal breakers. On top of understanding what you do want, a really great real estate agent will understand everything you don’t want, regardless of how quirky or picky.

They embrace your lifestyle. What does a weekend look like for you? Are you an avid runner that would benefit from living near some scenic running trails? What if you are a movie buff that needs to be within a few miles of a cinema? However silly or quirky your interests may seem, your agent should know all about them! You’re working with them because they know these neighborhoods like the back of their hand and a really great real estate agent will show you properties that they know will make sense for your lifestyle.

They keep in mind your long-term plans. Not everyone is looking for their forever home. Maybe you have a short-term work assignment and need to be able sell a property pretty quickly after purchasing it while turning a profit. Perhaps you know your way around a tool belt and don’t mind investing in a little fixer upper. Maybe you’re planning to start a family and need a few extra rooms. Whatever your long-term plans may be, they are important for picking just the right property. An amazing agent will keep your long-term plans in mind, which may make all the difference to maximize your investment!

They listen to you when you offer up your real budget. Many agents are quick to show you homes that far exceed your budget. It’s important for you to go in with your budget after you’ve done your own homework on exactly what you can afford but an excellent agent will offer up help in understanding the hidden fees that could come with buying a home. Not only that, they will respect your true budget and make sure all the properties they show you are well within your reach.

To get the most out of your home buying experience and to ultimately find that perfect home you’ve been dreaming of, you need to open up a little to your agent. They want this process to be as quick and easy as you do and while some of this may feel like an over share, it can all help your agent pinpoint the perfect property. The best agents will really listen to all these important facts about you and your future home, and incorporate them into the house hunt. Your real estate agent can either make or break your home buying process so take your time picking the right one that you trust to find your dream home.

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